Hot Cross Bun & Butter Pudding



1 cup double cream
2 ½ cups milk
4 eggs

½ tsp Supreme Cinnamon Powder
½ tsp Supreme Nutmeg Powder
½ cup  caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence

Handful of Supreme Raisins or Sultanas
8 hot cross buns
50g soft butter


In a saucepan warm the cream, milk and sugar in a pan over a gentle heat, stir until sugar has dissolved then remove from heat. In a large bowl whisk the eggs and vanilla together, then gradually add the warm cream mixture.
Halve the buns and spread with the butter. Arrange in a large shallow ovenproof dish.
Pour over the cream mixture and set aside to soak for 30 mins. Press the buns down into the custard mixture as they soften. Meanwhile, preheat the oven at 170°c. Sprinkle with a handful of raisins or sultanas, before baking for 45-50 mins or until set, then remove and allow to stand for 10 mins before serving. 

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