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At Supreme Ingredients, our commitment to excellence extends to a diverse range of culinary essentials. Specialising in herbs, spices, dried fruit & nuts, lentils, canned products, oils, and baking items, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of premium ingredients. Our progressive company takes pride in over 50 years of dedicated service.

Our unwavering dedication is centred around offering you the finest ingredients sourced from around the world. We believe that the key to creating exceptional dishes lies in using the highest quality components. Whether you’re crafting a traditional recipe or experimenting with innovative flavours, our extensive selection of 4500 primarily sourced lines ensures that you have access to top-tier products.

Our team of experts, driven by passion, works tirelessly to maintain relationships with trusted suppliers. This commitment allows us to guarantee that each product we offer is not just a commodity but a pinnacle of quality and flavour. Supreme Ingredients understands the vital role that quality ingredients play in elevating culinary experiences. From naturally grown spices to premium oils, and from dried fruit & nuts to a variety of pulses, beans, and lentils, we are your comprehensive solution for sourcing superior ingredients.

Sourcing Protocols

Sourcing Protocols

Our approach to procuring food is conducted on a global scale, emphasizing collaboration with specialized suppliers located in regions where ingredients are cultivated. Over the course of many decades, we have cultivated enduring relationships with numerous suppliers, and we maintain stringent standards for their social and environmental practices.

Reduction of packaging waste

Reduction of Packaging Waste

In order to preserve the lasting flavour and quality of our products until they reach you, we use packaging materials such as glass jars, aluminium cans, or plastic film. While our glass and metal packaging are recyclable, the same does not currently apply to our plastic packaging. We are presently engaged in a comprehensive reassessment of our packaging strategy, aiming to minimize the use of plastic or explore environmentally friendly alternatives. Although efforts are underway to render our plastic packaging recyclable, we are concurrently minimizing its usage to mitigate our overall impact on packaging waste.

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