Pumpkin Hummus



300g pumpkin or 1 cup of pumpkin puree
1 can Supreme Chickpeas tin
¼ cup water
2 cloves of garlic
3 tbsp tahini
¼ tsp Supreme Cumin Powder
½ tsp Supreme Chilli Powder
Salt to taste
Juice of 1 large lemon
¼ cup olive oil & extra to drizzle
Fresh red chilli, sliced
Chopped coriander


Preheat oven to 180°c. Cut pumpkin and remove the seeds. Cover with foil and bake in the preheated oven for 1 hour or until tender.
Remove from the oven and scrape the pumpkin flesh from shell. Measure out 1 cup of flesh and add to a food processor. Add remaining ingredients for the hummus into the food processor and blend until smooth. Transfer to a serving bowl and using the back of a spoon make swirls. Drizzle with olive oil and garnish with chopped coriander and sliced red chillies.

Note: Scrape remaining pumpkin flesh from shell and purée in a blender or food processor. Store in the freezer in freezer bags.

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