Fried Aubergine Sandwich



2 Dutch Aubergine, cut lengthways in 1 cm slices

1 cup Supreme Hot & Spicy Chicken Fry Mix 

2 cups Supreme Breadcrumbs 

1 ½ tbsp Italian seasoning 

4 eggs, whisked 

Oil to shallow fry 

1 loaf of ciabatta 

 Supreme Olive oil

1 Clove of garlic 

3 balls of fresh mozzarella, sliced 

Handful of fresh parsley 

1 jar (480g) roasted red pepper cut into strips 

Mixed salad leaves 

Balsamic glaze 



Mix Breadcrumbs and Italian seasoning in a shallow dish and set aside. Add whisked eggs into a shallow dish and set aside. Lastly add hot & spicy chicken fry into a shallow dish and set aside. 

Coat the aubergine slices: first evenly coat them in chicken fry mix, then egg and lastly in the seasoned breadcrumbs. Repeat with remaining aubergine slices. 

Heat enough oil to shallow fry over medium-high heat. Gently add the coated aubergine slices and fry until golden on both sides. 

Remove from oil using a slotted spoon and drain on a cooling rack. 

Prepare the sandwich: preheat the grill. Slice open the ciabatta loaf and brush both sides with olive oil. Place under the grill until toasted. Take the clove of garlic and rub on both sides of the toasted loaf. Now, spread pesto on both sides of the loaf. Then add roasted red peppers, chopped parsley, fried aubergine, sliced mozzarella, mixed salad leaves and a generous drizzle of balsamic glaze. Place the top side of the loaf on top. Place skewers in the sandwich to keep it in place. Slice and serve. 

Note: enjoy the extra slices of aubergine on the side. 

Add desired amount of filling, we at the test kitchen wanted it thick and chunky. 

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