Nargis Kebab



300g chicken thighs mince
Handful of fresh coriander
4 green chillies
3 spring onions
½ tsp Supreme Garam Masala
1 tsp Supreme Cumin Powder
1 tsp Supreme Coriander Powder
1 tsp Supreme Ginger Paste
1 tsp Supreme Garlic Paste
Salt to taste
1 tsp Supreme Amchoor Powder
1 tsp Supreme Kasuri Methi
1 tsp Supreme Kashmiri Chilli Powder
4 eggs
Supreme Breadcrumbs
½ cup plain flour
½ cup water
Oil to deep fry


Add chicken mince into a chopper and blitz for 1 minutes. This will make it easier to bind. Spoon the chicken mince out into a mixing bowl. Now, add fresh coriander, green chillies, spring onions to the chopper and blend to a smooth paste. Add to the mixing bowl along with garam masala, cumin powder, coriander powder, ginger paste, garlic paste, salt to taste, amchoor powder, kasuri Methi and Kashmiri chilli powder. Mix everything together then chill in the fridge. Meanwhile, soft boil 4 eggs (for 7 minutes) then drop into a bowl of ice water. Once cool enough to touch, de-shell the eggs. Divide the mince into 4 equal parts. Wet your palm and take 1 quarter of the mince and flatten between your palms. Place an egg in the middle and wrap the mince around the egg, making sure there are no gaps. Repeat the same with remaining eggs and mince. In a bowl, whisk together flour and water to make a paste. Once by one dip the egg in the paste the coat in breadcrumbs. Repeat with remaining kebabs. Heat enough oil to deep fry over medium-high heat. Fry the kebabs in batches until golden and cooked through. Serve hot or at room temperature.

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