Chicken Kiev Balls



750g chicken thighs mince
1 tsp salt
1 tsp Supreme Coarse Black Pepper
1 tsp Supreme White Pepper Powder
2 tbsp Supreme Garlic Powder
2 tbsp Supreme Onion Powder
200g grated mozzarella cheese
3 tbsp garden mint sauce
Plain Flour
Whisked eggs
Supreme Breadcrumbs


In a bowl, mix together chicken thigh mince, salt, coarse black pepper, white pepper powder, garlic powder and onion powder. In another bowl mix together grated mozzarella and mint sauce. Now, use a tablespoon to scoop out even amounts of mince. Using wet hands, flatten each one and place 1 tsp of cheese mix in the middle then, fold in the edges to enclose the cheese and roll into a ball. Repeat with remaining mince and cheese mix. Chill the kiev balls in the fridge for 1 hour, then coat in flour, egg and breadcrumbs. At this point you can freeze the kiev balls. To cook, deep fry in hot oil until golden brown & cooked through.

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