Breakfast Tart



1 sheet puff pastry

8 small eggs 

10 Cherry tomatoes, cut into quarters 

2 spring onions, sliced 

1 pkt beef bacon, cooked 

200g cream cheese 

½ tsp Supreme Garlic Paste 

½ tsp Supreme Coarse Black Pepper

½ tsp Supreme Cayenne Pepper 

1 tsp Supreme Smoked Paprika 

Pinch of salt 


In a bowl mix together, cream cheese, garlic paste, coarse black pepper, cayenne pepper, smoked paprika and salt. 

Preheat the oven to 180°c. Unroll the pastry and cut into 8 equal rectangles. Using a sharp knife, score a border 1.5 cm from the edge (be careful not to cut all the way through the pastry). 

Transfer the pastry onto a lined baking sheet lined with greaseproof paper. Bake for about 10 minutes. In the meantime, cook the beef bacon until crispy and then chop into pieces. Remove the pastry from the oven (the edges should have slightly risen). Spread the cream cheese mixture in the middle of all the tarts then gently crack eggs into each tart. Top with chopped bacon, chopped tomatoes and sliced spring onions. Bake for another 5-7 minutes or until the eggs have set. 

Season the egg with salt & pepper and serve immediately.

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